The type of wheel you take determines the speed, comfort and agility you will have on your skateboard. Usually made of polyurethane, skate wheels are available in different sizes, colors, hardness and ground contact at Homies. Note, skate wheels are measured in diameter (thickness) and durometer (hardness). 

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The size of skate wheels

The wheel diameter is in millimeters (mm). Most measure between 50mm and 80mm. The size of the wheel affects speed, precision and comfort. Smaller wheels will require more effort, but they will have more precision and will be lighter. As for them, bigger skate wheels will be faster, easier to use and more comfortable.


50mm - 54mm

Ideal for easy surfaces (skatepark or new asphalt) and for technical riders or skateboard beginners.


54mm - 58mm

Ideal for riders who are more aggressive than technical and for street skating, due to the poor quality of the asphalt.


60mm and +

Wheels above 60mm will generally be associated with soft hardness, for cruisers and longboards. Comfort at the rendezvous.



The hardness of skate wheels

The durometer measures the hardness of the wheel; it will determine if it is a skateboard, cruiser or longboard wheel. Most manufacturers use grade A on a 100 point scale. The higher the number, the harder the wheel. Some manufacturers use the B scale which is 20 points less than the A scale. Example: 80b = 100a


In general, harder wheels are faster and, conversely, softer wheels are slower. On the other hand, the soft wheels are more adherent, comfortable and they will be perfect for the street. Hard wheels are more suitable for smooth surfaces, such as indoors or even on concrete.



Soft, ideal for rough surfaces, longboard and some cruisers.



Good grip, ideal for cruisers.



Ideal for the park and smooth surfaces.



Very hard, pro wheels. Ideal for the street.



The ground contact of skateboard wheels

The ground contact area indicates how much of the wheel touches the ground. Why is this important? If you have a good contact width with the ground, it distributes the weight over a wider area. This will reduce the compression of your wheel's urethane and reduce rolling resistance, which could slow your wheel down.


Bones SLIMS:

Thin width for a light wheel, better roll and better slide.


Bones LOCKS:

A tighter profile for better control.



Perfect mix of radius and width for an all-around wheel.



Special design to reduce wear and for a better grind.


Bones WIDE:

Highest of ground contacts for great stability and solid landings.


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