We decided to introduce you to some of the members of the Team and their equipment. 

fun facts, stories of youth and influence in snowboarding: meet and get to know them by reading the article!


His age : 33

Regular or goofy: regular

Favorite trick: Backside lipslide on a rail, method in the air.

Number of years of experience: I started in the 6th year of primary school, I must have been 10 or 11 years old. So a little over 20 years!

Your grass roots? Where you learned to ride: I did my very first bends at Mont-Comi. Then I started riding at the Relais every weekend. Otherwise, my brother and I had a set-up in our backyard, and we often went to a park near our house.

Influence in snowboarding: My first movie I listened to in 1000 months is Mack Dawg Productions' Decade.

Fun fact: The first time I got to the top of Whistler I found my bindings were screwed upside down.

Sponsor: Sponsor: Adidas, Dakine, Salomon, Smith, Stance, Boutique Homies

are built on? : Salomon Villain 158, Salomon Assassin 162 Binding : Salomon Highlander
Boots : Adidas Tactical ADV

Nic Roy
His age : 25

Regular or goofy: regular

Favorite trick: A good old slash in the pow. They are rare for me.

Number of years of experience : About 17 years old. I think I started around 8 years old.

Your grass roots? Where you learned to ride: I had a chalet in Mont-Édouard during my childhood, so that's where I learned to ride.

Influence in snowboarding: In my early days I was really motivated by any snowboard movie that came to hand. When I started filming parts, it was really the films from Videograss, Nowamean and Deja Vu that inspired me the most. Several guys in these films inspired me a lot: Jake OE, Jonas Michilot, Louif, Jake Kuzyk, etc.

Fun fact: I rode goofy my first two years on a snowboard, only to realize I was reg.

Sponsors : Dinosaurs Will Die, Howl, Vans, Fix Bindings, Boutique Homies

are built on? : DWD maet 155cm

Binding : Fix binding x Bruners

Booties : Vans high standard

His age : 26

Regular or goofy:reg

Favorite trick: Fs 7 4 Ever / touch all / Face shot / FS SLASH / Go Fast / Show must go on!

Number of years of experience : At the age of 3 between my father's legs, I've been riding for 23 years and it only gets better with time!

Your grass roots? Where you learned to ride: Mont-Lac Vert / School Circuit / Shake Down / Snowmission / Vali

Influence in snowboarding: REGION HERO!! DCP, Phil Lusinchi, FAFF, Claude-David, Victor Lusinchi, Joseph Roby, Nic Tremblay, Jonathan Tremblay, David Thiviège, Alexis Morin, Mon Père JF! Crew: VALYNX, BT-43, Beetle Gang, Mont-Bélu Crew, Un inc,

Fun fact: A very, very old urban legend would say that the Garden of Eden, in fact, is hidden in Valinouet. The 12 apostles would have left there, 12 KM to get there, A small sip, The trick is played, It's life in perpetuity. Valinouet + Lynx = VALYNX

Sponsor: Sponsor: Ripcurl Canada, SPY Optic, Nitro snowboard, Homies, Top Notch Agency. #Fjord Distillery

board: Nitro Beast 155

Binding: Nitro

Boots : Nitro


His age : 21

Regular or goofy: reg

Favorite trick: Backside blunt 270 out (Blunt Begel 4 dayz!)

Number of years of experience: I started at the age of 7, so I have 13 years of experience.

Your grass roots? Where you learned to ride: Valinouët and Mont Belu are the mountains where I learned to ride.

Influence in snowboarding: Nicolas Tremblay passed on his passion to me and that's something! As for inspiration, there is certainly the crew of Déja Vu, Nowamean/Bruners, Videograss and the boys of Saguenay in general.

Fun fact: I'm goofy at skateboarding, so it's kind of cheating when I do a rail switch.

Sponsor: Sponsor: Capita Snowboards, Union Binding, Coal headwear, Vans, Airblaster and Boutique Homie's

board: Capita Doa 152

Binding: Union Force (team)

Boots : Vans Hi-Standard Pro


His age : 22

Regular or goofy: reg

favorite trick : a back 3 to the bottom in pow

Number of years of experience : I started at 5 years old so, 17 years old

Your grass roots? Where you learned to ride: Mont Bélu, Whistler Blackcomb and Valinouet

Influence in snowboarding : my inspirations are as many great legends like Jeremy Jones as all the riders with whom I share my passion. Big love to all the riders (L)

Fun fact: mixed like a card game

Sponsor: Sponsor: jones snowboard, now binding, the north face, shop Homies

are built on? : jones flagship 158, jones mind expander 154

Binding: now select
Boots : vans look


His age : 23
Regular or goofy: regular

favorite trick : A good Fs 360.

Number of years of experience : I started at 5 years old, so around 17 years old.

Your grass roots? Where you learned to ride: Mont Bélu for the park during the week and Mont Édouard at the weekend!

Influence in snowboarding : mainly for riding with friends, the hype of going on a trip with your buddies. Also for the personal challenges it brings.

Fun fact: I rode for a long time with jeans under my pants without realizing that it was not comfortable.

Sponsors : bataleon volcom snow , shop homies

board: bataleon goliath

Binding : rome targa

Booties : burton photon


His age : 24

Regular or goofy:reg

favorite trick : Fs3 Indy

Number of years of experience : I started around 6 years old

Your grass roots? Where you learned to ride : Valinouet aka best place in Quebec ❤

Influence in snowboarding : Felix Gauthier, DCP, Faf, Claude-David, Nic Roy, Mark Tremblay and Charles Reid. The films Follow me around and DCP's part.

Fun fact : I started on skis in the Valinouet competition club. After being disqualified from a race where I had the winning time and bickering all season with other kids and the coach, I switched to snowboarding the following season. After that, I never thought of going back on skis.

Sponsors : Arbor, Tirthytwo, Dragon

board: Arbor Bryan Iguchi camber

Binding : Arbor Cypress

Booties : hirthytwo team 2 xlt

Alexandre Vézina
His age : 22

Regular or goofy: reg

favorite trick : SW Frontboard

Number of years of experience: 9 years old (started at 13) your grass roots? Where you learned to ride! :

Influence in snowboarding: Dillon Ojo, Louif Paradis and the films "Encore" and "Deja vu" which are still as good even after having seen them 100 times.

Sponsor: Sponsor: homie shop

board: tree coda

Binding : tree cypress

Boots : deeluxe boots

Your grass roots? Where you learned to ride: Omiski, Dolbeau-Mistassini (Probably the smallest mountain you've seen, but lots of great memories!)

David Arsenault

His age : 21 years

Regular or goofy: I'm regular I ride a 157 cm with a stance of about 21,5-22,5 inches.

Favorite trick: Backside 720 melon and switch backside 540 stalefish

Number of years of experience : I started snowboarding at about 4-5 years old, I've been snowboarding for about 16 years. I started riding in the snowpark at 14 when I joined Claude-David Gaudreault's snow study sport. At that time Nicolas Tremblay took me under his wing with Philippe Couture.

Your grass roots? Where you learned to ride : I remember that I was riding at Mont Fortin and I was so bad that I did 2 laps in one day… Without forgetting to specify that I took the small pommât next to the chalet, but that it took me 3 years to succeed in my make it to the top because I was falling all the time. I think I hiked more often than I took the flesh ahaha!

Influence in snowboarding : Part of what got me into snowboarding was meeting my best friends who I knew I was going to ride with for the rest of my life. We always rode together and always pushed each other to do new tricks. But I think the two people who helped me realize that I could push and improve even more were Nicolas Tremblay and Claude-David Gaudreault. Some time later I joined the Homies snow team and even if it's not the biggest Board Shop in the universe, it was the greatest gift for me. Just knowing that Alex Gagnon wanted me to represent his shop as an amateur skateboarder with Philippe Couture was just insane no joke. We were given stock, we arrived at the shop and everyone knew who we were, in short it was really rewarding and I will never forget all the fun I had when I was in the Am/ies (rider amateur Homies. Now I'm in the big leagues with Nicolas Tremblay, Philippe Couture, Thomas Folly, Jonathan Truchon, Xavier Boudreau and our new kid Alexandre Vézina (guys from snowparc and street obviously)! had the most fun and proudest of me in my life was snowboarding with them.

Fun fact: At snowmission 2018, after the final I made a last jump except that I overshot the sweetspot and I landed on the face… I got a gigantic black eye. It was the after party 1h30 later… I looked hollow. But I was cute the same. I still managed to have an eventful evening……….

Equipment 2019-2020: I've always wanted to ride Burton so right now I'm riding the Free and the Deep Thinker (157cm and 163cm) and I have the white Cartels. An all white set up with SLX boots.


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