Every year, Homies gets involved as much as possible in order to give the riders of Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean the opportunity to come together at various events. Whether organized by us or not, the Homies team always encourages the practice of snowboarding. That's why we've decided to take a look at our winter 2023 events calendar to make sure you don't miss your chance to come and play with us!


We established the WorldTour Jams a few years ago. The idea behind it is to allow all snowboarders in the region to come and join us, for an evening, for a snow jam. Generally, drinks and entertainment are provided on site by our team, and we always have a lot of fun with that!


As every year, we stop in various mountains of the region, one after the other. For the 2023 season, we will be au Mont Lac-Vert next February 8 and Valinouet the 1er march!

Keep these dates in mind or add them to your calendar and come trip with us!


Since snowboarding is a unifying sport and holds an important place in the culture of the Saguenay, there are always many events not to be missed. Even if for many of these dates we are not the organizers, we will still be present to ride.


This party has been around for quite a long time. It is organized by the Optimist Club of Jonquière, an association whose mission is presented a positive vision that inspires the best in young people.

So, on January 27, the Optimist Jam takes place at Mont-Fortin in Jonquière and takes the form of a snowboard competition in the resort's park. Different categories open and prizes to be won, it's always a warm evening so do like us and come ride!


For the 2023 edition, the Fiesta Mexicaine and the Défi Ski Leucan have created an event that will take place at Valinouët on March 25. We are happy to be able to be there and come ride with all the people present for the event.

In addition, all this serves to raise funds to support sick children across Quebec. It's available to everyone and it's for a good cause!

Ah, and just like that, there will probably be some nice surprises, so don't miss it!


The Slopestyle competition organized by our friends from the Saguenay Snowboard School will take place on April 8 at Valinouët. If you're not familiar with the term, slopestyle is a competition that encompasses all the elements of a park in the same descent: rails and jump. A beautiful, really trippy contest where beautiful lines and big tricks are in the spotlight!

It's also one of the last events of the season, so it's a date in the 10 on April 8!


There, these two dates, you have to put them on your calendar and reserve your weekend. This is THE big weekend where you want to be present.

It starts on Friday February 24 with the Reunion, which takes place at Valinouët. Even if it hasn't been around for decades, Reunion has already become a classic for riders from all over Quebec. It's a day filled with competition of all kinds, great food on the mountain and riders who are there to have fun!

This is followed on February 25 by our annual classic Demo Homies at the Vali. This day is the perfect opportunity to come and try all the boards you could want and to come and chat with the representatives of all the snowboard brands that we carry. It's the perfect time to come and confirm which board you're buying next year, or even just try something new!


Finally, the season ends on April 15 with the Vali Games, the last competition of the year organized by us, the Homies boutique team. It's a gathering of snowboarders who are there to participate in our classic long jump or even our relay race.

Our entire team will be there to animate, judge and feed the participants of the 2023 edition of the Vali Games. Come end the season in style with us at Valinouët!


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