The Homies shops equip you for the backcountry and allow you to try out type snowboards splitboard for your next adventures!


Basically, the principle of a split, it's to divide your board in two for the climb and to redo a single piece for the descent. It perfectly meets the needs of all-terrain enthusiasts, and it's the perfect tool for exploring the mountains of Quebec and the undergrowth off resort. A splitboard often sports a s ideal for off-piste, with a longer nose and a camber under the feet. Its dynamism will surely make you happy in the undergrowth. Box-section construction with a wood core and layers of fiberglass ensures lightness and durability. A splitboard is the ideal tool for exploring the unmarked slopes with which Quebec is filled.



First of all, whether you are from anywhere in Saguenay, our splitboard equipment rental is offered in our stores in Chicoutimi and Alma. Each store has its rental lot and a simple phone call lets you know everything about our equipment.



  1. Salomon Highpath Splitboard 156cm - Ideal board for the average man.
  2. Salomon Highpath Splitboard 159cm - Ideal board for the taller or heavier man.
  3. Salomon Pillow Talk Splitboard 151cm - Ideal board for women.
  4. Salomon Bellevue Splitboard 152 cm - Ideal board for women.


  1. Salomon Highpath Splitboard 159 cm - for men.
  2. Salomon Bellevue Splitboard 148cm - Women's.



The bindings:
Of course, our rental boards all come with bindings. The majority of our splitboards are fitted with Union Explorer bindings. These bindings provide a gut feeling. very snowboarding and allow you to glue the two tips together when it comes time to put your board together for the descent. A simple rotation, then we lock all that and it's settled!

We also have a board equipped with Burton Hitchhicker bindings. Equipped with the Spark base and Burton straps, you have everything for quick assembly and optimal comfort once attached. 


Homies prepared the whole explorer set for you! Trekking poles, binding adjustment kit and a screwdriver. You have everything you may need once out! All this put in backpacks adapted to the practice of splitboard and transportation of equipment within the backcountry. They will allow you to carry safety equipment, water, some accessories and a change of clothes. Perfect for long days outdoors and uncertain weather! Who knows, maybe you'll go away overnight also! That's why we offer two 30 liter bags; for those who leave for big outings!


Ascension Skins: 

It's what you put under your splitboard to make your ascent. That grip when you go up and it slips when you go down! It's simple as well! Once at the top of the mountain, or the Parasol coast (we're not judging you), you put them away in your backpack and you're ready for a (smiles well-deserved splitboarding! There are several types of skins, some more flexible and light, perfect for days in the refuge and others more robust for hard snow and climbing trails. Don't worry about that: if you have any questions, our team will be happy to give you a little 101 lesson on skins before you leave.   

To summarize quickly, if you want to rent a splitboard set, all you need to have are your outerwear and your snow boots. The rest, we take care of it!


We must also warn you of the small conditions for splitboard rental :

  • The rental amount is $64,95 per day.
  • You will take possession of the split equipment the day before your first day of rental and you must return everything before the store closes on your last day of rental.

For example, if you rent the equipment for a Saturday outing, you can pick it up at the store on Friday evening and bring it back on Saturday before closing.

  • A deposit of $500 must be taken on a credit card. This amount serves as security in case of theft, and this amount will be returned to you upon return of the board.
  • You must make sure you already have boots of snowboardand goggles, a helmet and adequate outer clothing to keep you warm.

For everything else, the Homies technician will give you a little lesson and some advice on how to use it before you leave!

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