Sometimes we have to decipher the customers, no problem it's our job. On the other hand, we wanted to give you the facts about the "Volcom" pants. In fact, what you're looking for is pants CHINESE. It's true that the Volcoms are good, but each company makes its own Chinos. RVCA, Vans, Brixton, A Thousand Words, name it.
Un Chino what's this :
Le Chino is cotton pants, originally light in color. It is initially a military garment. The term Chino would come from the name given to the pants acquired locally by American soldiers stationed in the Philippines. These clothes, which would have been originally produced in Manchester, were resold there by the Chinese merchants of the island. This neologism dates, according to specialists, from the years following the Spanish-American War (1898) or from the 1930s.

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