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As you already know, we celebrated our 10th anniversary at Homies this year (promise we'll stop talking about it soon). Ten years ago, we opened Homies with a head full of ideas and dreams. Lots of changes have happened in the last few months and it made us realize that you had never really been told what it was like for us to work at Homies.




Since the beginning of Homies, we have worked extremely hard for the soul of the company. For us, the soul of our company can be summed up in a few key factors: the spirit of the company and the team, the culture we represent and in which we live, an ideal balance between fun and good work and , finally, an irreproachable customer relationship. 

It is with this in mind that the company was set up ten years ago. The management of the company, the founders and owners, embarked on the project while being present in the world of skateboarding and snowboarding, whether by playing the sport or by encouraging others to do so. 




We spent ten great years tripping with our customers, and we wanted to be sure that we could continue to do so for a long time. However, over the years, we felt that we were going to lose some feathers in terms of presence. The management being aging and less present, we found that it was the soul of the company, the one of which we were proud at the beginning of Homies, which was going to be affected little by little. 




So this is where we introduce you to our new Brand Manager, our friend who is back with us, a former employee whom we are very happy to see again, Philippe Couture. 

Philippe Couture, new brand manager at Homies


A brand manager is someone who represents the company, who organizes events, who manages our social networks. In short, he is someone who ensures that the company is as present in the region as we have been for ten years.

The arrival of Phil is a boost in the culture of snowboarding, a breath of fresh air entering Homies. He's been there since the beginning of August and already a trip to Montreal with the skate team has been organized to shoot the next Homies skate video. By the way, stay tuned because the video will be out very soon!


Part of the homies team 



Before getting to the heart of the matter, I would like to point out here that this blog is not written by management, but by good old staff who have been working at the shop for five years now. So don't be fooled by what you're about to read and don't think these are just nice words to make it seem cool to work at Homies, because what you're about to read is the testimony of an employee who has a thousand and one anecdotes to tell about these beautiful years at Homies!




Working at Homies means working in a sick environment with such nice people! Basically, it's working with people who look like you, friends, people with whom you're happy to spend 35 hours a week!




Working at Homies also means having bosses who know that studies are important, who force themselves a lot to give you a schedule that matches your school hours, and they are also bosses with whom you can have a lot of fun over dinner or during an afternoon on the floor.

The Homies Team in Alma



We also have at least two staff meetings during the year, and during my five years at Homies, I have seen all kinds: a chalet on the Monts-Valin for backcountry skiing, a homemade snowpark in a camp in the middle of the woods, BBQ dinners at the shop, dinners at the restaurant, big bowling games or, even more recently, a karting grand prix. In short, these parties are like family parties!




You think it's all nice, huh? So imagine that I haven't even finished yet! Working at Homies also means having the right to a day off on weekends to be able to skate or snowboard. In addition, we are extremely lucky as employees, because we have access to the famous Always on the Mountain program, where all our snowboard tickets are reimbursed at 50% by the company, all to encourage us to practice our sport. and to be present in the environment. In short, if all that isn't wit, I don't know what is!

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