Homies is our vision of the board industry. Homies is basically more than a store, it is a return to the roots of service and involvement in its community. We invest heavily every day in the field of sport, but especially in our region. It’s a service too often forgotten in Saguenay: unparalleled product knowledge, exclusive merchandise, a unique shopping atmosphere, unforgettable parties and a Web platform that reflects our know-how.

 Underground Family: At Homies, our counter-culture approach doesn't just mean exclusivity, but rather a welcoming community where riders of all genders come together. We are a family, united by our love for skiing and our rebellious spirit.

Authentic Community Engagement: Our commitment to the community is about more than just appearances. We actively support local projects, alternative events and the emerging talent that brings our scene to life. By choosing Homies, you also support the culture that drives us.

Expertise: Our team is made up of enthusiasts who understand the very essence of the snow and skate scene. With in-depth knowledge of the latest trends and emerging technologies, we offer you more than just equipment – ​​we share a philosophy.

Unique Products: Homies offers a carefully curated selection of products that reflect the authenticity and individuality of snow, skate and surf culture. From independent brands to alternative designs, our store is a true playground for free spirits. 

 Several programs are offered to our employees:
 Program always in the mountains
 Flexible hours
 More ...
    Join us at for a shopping experience that goes beyond your expectations. Here, the underground becomes family, and every rider, from beginner to expert, is welcome in our passionate community.
    Alex, Elie, Elizabeth & Phil.


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