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The JONES W DREAM CATCHER SPLITBOARD are available in our HOMIES stores in Chicoutimi, Alma and online.

The Dream Catcher Split is a high performance splitboard with a friendly flex. It's the perfect split for backcountry riders looking for a fun and easy to ride board on any terrain or snow condition.

The Dream Catcher's directional shape and Directional Rocker profile provide confident stability on soft or rough snow. On icy slopes or firm descents, the Inner/Outer Traction Tech 1.0 edges provide better edge grip. The Dream Catcher Split is constructed with premium materials including an ultra-fast and durable 8000 Sintered Base, an Eco-Plastic topsheet, and a specially contoured Classic Core for added pop. For a solid connection to the board in ride mode, the Dream Catcher Split comes with screw-mounted Karakoram tip and tail clips, and new for 21/22, upgraded Karakoram Ultra Clips 1.0 split clips.

Shape specifications

Interior and exterior Traction Tech 2.0 (1)
Like a serrated knife sharp in the snow, Traction Tech improves your edge grip by adding multiple points of contact along the stroke length of your board.

Traction Tech inner edge
Inner edge Traction Tech improves grip on uphill splitboard edges. Three side bumps on either side of your binding keep you locked in to icy skin tracks no matter which direction you're heading.

Progressive sidecut (2)
At the ends of the dimension line, the radius gradually increases as the edge reaches the point of contact. The gradual increase in sidecut radius towards the contact point allows for smoother turn entry and exit as the edge enters and exits the snow with a less abrupt transition.

Quick Tension Tail Clip (3)
Integrated climbing skin tension system using a pre-cut notch that eliminates the need for a traditional skin tail clip.

Directional flex pattern
Staggered toe-to-tail flex pattern designed for directional freeride boards. The nose, center of the board and heel have slightly different stiffnesses to help lift the nose, sink the heel and improve stability at high speeds.

Jones exclusive woodcore profile that provides a stable and playful board feel. The wood core is softer between the feet for easy turn initiation and stiffer in the nose and tail for stability in rough terrain and landing air.

Directional Rocket
A rocker/camber hybrid flex pattern defined by more tip rocker than tail rocker and camber between the bindings. The tip rocker floats the nose of the board and improves maneuverability while the camber underfoot provides edge hold and response. A slightly rockered tail maintains the power and stability of a traditional board, but helps keep the tail free of hooks for initiating turns and landing switch.



biax fiberglass
A dual direction, dual layer stitched fiberglass laminate that provides a fun, forgiving and fast ride.


top sheet

Eco-plastic topsheet
Bio-plastic topsheet made from castor beans. This eco-material is ultralight, chip/scratch resistant and water/snow repellent (snow adheres less to the topsheet).

wood core

Classic core
Premium poplar wood core provides fun pop, even flex and solid durability.


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