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PUBLIC GENERAL PUBLIC HYBRID CAMBER are available in our HOMIES stores in Chicoutimi, Alma and online.

Color varies depending on board size
In 147:
White / green
In 150: Black / Blue
In 153: White / Orange

The Public Snowboards General Snowboard gives the public what we want without telling us what we need. It is for this reason that we, the general public, owe our undying allegiance to the general public. It's advice that understands true leadership and making sure no one is left behind. It comes in a size for everyone and handles all terrain with equal levels of travel, an easy-to-ride team favorite that doubles as a great beginner board. The Alert camber gives you enough rocker to surf powder and plenty of camber for control and stability in rough terrain. In short, the Public Snowboards General Snowboard generally snowboards very well. Have we been specific enough about the general?

Alert Camber – The hybrid camber profile is even between the feet with a wrinkle on the tip and tail. This unique camber and flex allows for forgiveness on the rails and extra grip on the ground.

medium flex

True twin

Poplar Core - Made with 100% FCS certified wood, the poplar core offers an unbeatable strength-to-weight ratio.

Biax Glass - All public snowboards are made from Biax fiberglass, creating a smooth, consistent flex from tip to tail while allowing the board to remain nimble and predictable.

Urethane Sidewalls - Urethane sidewalls are used on all public snowboards for their superior damping properties compared to industry standard ABS and P-Tex sidewalls. The urethane sidewalls are also more impact resistant to prevent your board from delaminating.

Sintered Base – Sintered bases are more porous for maximum wax absorption and more resistant to abrasion. In other words, faster and more durable!

2 x 4 inserts

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