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The SALOMON SUPER 8 SNOW are available in our HOMIES stores in Chicoutimi, Alma and online.

Inspired by Dirksen's authoritative edge control. Whether you're ripping powder or carving groomers, the wider design with the control under your back foot allows for smooth, precise handling, speed, float and maneuverability and belongs in every quiver.

                      151                                                     154 157

                  •Side cut radius 7.5 mm •Side cut radius 7.7 mm •Side cut radius 7.9 mm •Side cut radius 8.1 mm
                  •Tail width 294 mm •Tail width 297 mm •Tail width 300 mm •Tail width 305 mm
                  •Waist width 254 mm •Waist width 258 mm •Waist width 260 mm •Waist width 264 mm
                  •Nose width 302 mm •Nose width 305 mm •Nose width 309 mm •Nose width 315 mm

                    163                                                     166

               •Side cut radius 8.3 mm •Side cut radius 8.5 mm
               •Tail width 307mm •Tail width 309mm
               •Waist width 266 mm •Waist width 268 mm
               •Nose width 317 mm •Nose width 319 mm

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