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THE SOLOMON Y GRACE are available in HOMIES stores in Chicoutimi, Alma and online

The Grace is a board designed to facilitate the progression of beginners. With its Super Flat profile and concave Bowl Skate sole, turns are a breeze. As for the BiteFree edges, they limit the risk of snagging.


With the Super Flat profile, young people learn to ride and progress quickly.

The concave sole allows young riders to avoid edge mistakes.

BiteFree edges allow you to express yourself freely without risk.


True Twin
This shape is intended for freestyle: the nose and tail are the same length; the core and the flex are symmetrical and the position of the bindings centered.

Super Flat
Flat profile for smooth rotations, correct presses and good stability.

Bowl Skate Concave Sole
A concave sole for risk-free progress. Only available on our children's boards.

The Radial profile is the classic sidecut for optimal forward and switch responsiveness.

Bi-axial low density
The use of low density fibers allows us to produce lightweight boards, which will retain their playful and forgiving flex forever.

Durable glide combined with easy maintenance.

Poplar spans the entire length and high density birch strips help wedge the insert in place.

Standard stone finish
The industry benchmark for making high-end boards, the only difference being that it's our "basic" finish.

Cordless edges
A factory finish with a softened edge angle at the ends for a smoother glide and less snagging when edging.

This molecular structure can be compared to a concrete bar. It provides the rigidity necessary for energy transfer and the cushioning required for shock absorption.


Soft, tender

Riding level
Beginner / Intermediate

True Twin


                                 110 115 120

                           Side cut radius 5.8 mm Side cut radius 5.9 mm Side cut radius 6 mm
                           Tail width 232 mm Tail width 242 mm Tail width 252 mm
                           Waist width 205 mm Waist width 214 mm Waist width 222 mm
                           Nose width 232 mm Nose width 242 mm Nose width 252 mm


                                   125 130

                            Side cut radius 6.1 mm Side cut radius 6.2 mm
                            Tail width 260 mm Tail width 267 mm
                            Waist width 228 mm Waist width 235 mm
                            Nose width 260 mm Nose width 267 mm

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