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UNION FALCOR are available in our HOMIES stores in Chicoutimi, Alma and online.

For the biggest lines and the steepest spines, this is the binding Travis Rice will trust when tying up. new ankle and toe straps. Lightweight, responsive, shock-absorbing, and designed by the man himself - trust Travis.

Freestyle flex combined with the instant response of Duraflex CB nylon. The Stage 6 baseplate is designed to handle the biggest lines and the steepest spines. Designed, tested and approved by Travis Rice.

Baseplate: Stage 6 Duraflex CB
Freestyle flex with powerful edge-to-edge control. Lifetime warranty.

Sleeve: Vaporlite Rocket +
20% lighter than our standard vaporlite and still just as waterproof, durable and anti-vibration.

Heel piece: Extruded 3D aluminum
Designed for optimal heel hold and minimization of drag. Lifetime warranty.

Highback: NEWFalcor Forged Hybrid 2.0
Duraflex nylon and forged carbon combine to create a flexible profile that complements Travis Rice's aggressive riding style.

Ankle Strap: NEWExoframe 5.0
Progressive Tri-Axial flex for a perfect fit between boot and binding.

Toe Strap: NEWTS 4.0+
Simple, light, resistant. All new shorter loop base.

Ratchet: NEW Magnesium S1 with aluminum base
Union's Newest Ratchet - Guaranteed longer life and better spring return.

FLAD: Classic
Easily adjust your forward lean angle with a #3 screwdriver.

Hardware: Grade 8.8 steel
The strongest steel available on the market.

Gas Pedal: Non-stick EVA
Prevents the accumulation of snow and ice under the boots.

Strap Adjustment: Tool-Free Pins
No tools required for adjustment. Just pop the pins and set.

Tilt: Yes
3 º

Union Exclusive Forged Carbon
Our forging process makes it possible to form complex shapes in one piece. Compared to traditional laminated carbon, forged carbon fibers are self-oriented, producing a finished product that is lighter and stronger than titanium.

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