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Gramicci arrives at Boutiques Homies in Chicoutimi:

Yo, family! Big news in the streetwear game in Chicoutimi. Boutiques Homies, the unmissable spot for streetwear fans, welcomes the legendary Gramicci brand. Gramicci, it's not just a brand, it's a revolution in the world of climbing and outdoor trends, and now, it's happening at Homies.

Why a brand that has no link to the skate, snow or surf scene:

Adopting a brand that is not directly linked to the skate, snow, or surf scene may seem strange for a shop like Homies, known for focusing its energies on the world around it. So why integrate Gramicci with us? Uno is a strategic move that reflects a deep understanding of urban culture and evolving trends. Second, we are human and sometimes the heart prevails over the rational.

Gramicci at Homies boutiques


Gramicci: The legend of rocks and streets

Gramicci, founded in 1982, creates functional clothing for outdoor activities, combining movement and style. Originating from a garage in Ventura, California, the brand was inspired by the Stonemasters, a generation of climbers from the 1970s in Yosemite, to design clothing suitable for fast and stylish climbing. Founder Mike Graham broke new ground with the first climbing short, offering maximum flexibility with a diamond gusset and one-handed adjustable nylon waistband. The name "Gramicci" comes from an iconic climb in Yosemite, leading to the development of the G-Pants, which gained popularity among climbers, surfers, and skateboarders, recognizable by their "running man" logo. Having become popular as far away as Tokyo, Gramicci has evolved while remaining faithful to its roots, symbolizing 40 years later robust, functional clothing designed for movement.

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