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A few weeks ago, we received our first deck order from a company we wanted to talk to you about today. This is UMA Landsleds.

What is UMA Landsleds?

UMA Landsleds is a skateboard brand that was created by none other than Evan Smith. It is by bringing his spontaneous and creative energy to Mesa Distribution that the brand was born and developed.

Based in Los Angeles, California, UMA has quickly made a name for itself in the industry by offering quality and, above all, aesthetically appealing products. The company offers skateboards designed to meet the needs of beginners and pros alike, and already offers a more than interesting range of boards.

Design at UMA Landsleds 

The design is probably the aspect that sets UMA apart the most from other skate brands. Indeed, UMA offers unique and creative graphics on each of its boards. To achieve this, the brand often collaborates with talented artists to create eye-catching designs.

To achieve this, UMA has chosen artists at the head of their artistic direction, such as Thomas Campbell or Andy Jenkins, but also uses the art of Nathaniel Russell, now become the epicenter of the art of UMA Landsleds.


What else?

In addition to their unique design, UMA also stands out for its commitment to sustainability and the environment. The company uses sustainable materials in the manufacture of its boards, such as maple from responsible sources. It is also committed to reducing its environmental impact by using water-based inks and minimizing waste in its production process.


The UMA Landsleds Team

That's all well and good, but the company also has a whole team to spread their products and their vision of skateboarding. At its head is the legendary Evan Smith, of course, but many other names are on the list: there are Cody Smith, Maite Steenhoudt and Roman Pabich.

These skaters have also hit very hard with the first official video of UMA: Punch a Hole in the Sky. If you haven't had the chance to see it yet, don't be shy and go for it!

By the way, speaking of the UMA team: the company, in addition to having its own pro team, also encourages riders from all over the world. One of them is established here in Chicoutimi and you've probably seen him play hundreds of times in our videos since the opening of our shop in 2010: Simon Gagnon. Well yes, our Wallap has the chance to ride UMA Landsleds boards and you will easily be able to notice him the next time you meet him at the Bassin or in the streets of Saguenay! 

In short, don't be idle and come shop your UMA board, online or in store!

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