Here is a guide to help you select the right mid-season shoes and boots ideal for all temperatures and all conditions! Designed for good times in the worst conditions, these shoes combine water-resistant fabric with synthetic insulation for protection against seasonal temperatures.

1. Studded sole

For maximum grip both in the rain in the fall and on ice in the winter. We look for shoes with a durable rubber sole and cleats for improved traction.

2. Water-repellent protective gaiter

A tongue is added to the shoe to prevent snow and water from entering. A waterproof membrane for dry feet at all times!


3. Complete insulation

Dare warm liners to face the bad weather! Choose shoes with advanced material to improve heat retention and repel moisture in the toe area. Effective management that preserves tissue respiration.



4. Cold cut between the soles

To guarantee heat retention and maximize your comfort, opt for shoes and boots with a cold cut between the outer and inner sole.


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This fall, with the purchase of shoes of $100 or more, we are offering the Granger's waterproofing treatment free of charge.

A water-repellent finish for complete, high-end insulation! Protect your shoes from moisture and dust with this easy-to-apply treatment spray. A coating that seals the seams and prevents stains. Designed for use on all types of outdoor boot and shoe fabrics whether leather, suede, nubuck, etc.


We did the test, the water flows in the form of droplets and cannot soak into the fabric.



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