The Homies boutique equips you for the backcountry and allows you to try out type snowboards splitboard for your next adventures!



Our mountains are finally open but that doesn't satisfy your explorer side? No stress : we got you covered ! We offer you the possibility of renting a splitboard to explore and experience the forest. It's the perfect solution for the off-trail enthusiast or the curious that you are!

Because we know, buying a split, it can be complicated, expensive and you want to be sure to make the right choice before investing. Because you are an informed buyer, we allow you to try out complete splitboard equipment, bindings, board, skins, EVERYTHING, on rental for a period of 48 hours! (It's been two days for the slowest, it's exactly a weekend). There, we piqued your curiosity and you have lots of questions! Well, keep reading and you will understand how the rental splitboard works...



Board splitboard : Basically, the principle of a split, it is to make your board divisible for the ascent and to redo a single piece for your descent. It perfectly meets the needs of all-terrain enthusiasts. Thanks to its raised shape at the nose and heel and the arch under the foot, it is easy to maneuver. Its dynamism will surely make you happy in the undergrowth. Box-section construction with a wood core and layers of fiberglass ensures lightness and durability. You can go with a splitboard from our selection for men and women.




  1. Jones Explorer splitboard 156 cm - An ideal board for men
  2. Jones Explorer splitboard 158 cm wide - A wider board for big feet (11-12)
  3. Salomon Pillow talk 151 cm - An ideal board for Women




The bindings (duh): We took care to make your life easy. So we installed bindings that pivot smoothly when it's time to switch from "uphill" to "downhill" mode. All you have to do is slide the binding into the split washer system, then lower the lever at the back. 


Backpack: Homies prepared the whole explorer set for you! Hiking poles, a first aid kit and a whistle grater. Some backpacks adapted to the practice of splitboard and transportation of equipment within the backcountry are also available. They will allow you to carry safety equipment, water, some accessories and a change of clothes. Perfect for long days outdoors and uncertain weather! Who knows, maybe you'll go away overnight also! All sets of are rented with a Dakine cover to transport the equipment of split. These superior quality covers will facilitate the exchange of equipment in addition to simplifying your life! 


Ascension skins: It's what you put under your aplitboard to make your ascent. That grip when you go up and it slips when you go down! It's simple as well! Once at the top of the mountain, or the Parasol coast (we're not judging you), you put them away in your provided backpack and you're ready for a (smiles well-deserved splitboarding! There are several types of skins, some more flexible and light, perfect for days in the refuge, and others more robust for hard snow and climbing trails. Don't worry about that: if you have any questions, the team will be happy to give you a little 101 lesson on skins before you leave.  

That's all well and good, but we want you to leave SAFELY. Everyone in a group going into the backcountry must be equipped with avalanche safety equipment: an avalanche victim detector (AVD), a probe and a shovel.



We must also warn you of the small conditions for splitboard rental :

A security deposit to ensure the repair of breakage and/or late returns of $400.

Breakage will be assessed by our technicians and an amount will be deducted from the deposit. 

For the days late we calculate $64,95 + tx / days

You must make sure you already have boots of snowboard and goggles, a helmet and adequate outer clothing to keep you warm.

You will take possession of the split equipment the day before your first day of rental and you must return everything before the store closes on your last day of rental.



Taking possession on Friday > Return to the store on Sunday

Taking possession on Sunday > Return to the store on Tuesday 


For everything else, the Homies technician will give you a little lesson and some advice on how to use it before you leave!


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