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Celebrate Skateshop Day in Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean: An ode to skateboard culture and homie shops.

In the world of skateboarding, there is a special day dedicated to celebrating the very essence of this urban culture: Skateshop Day. This day, which brings together skateboarding enthusiasts, is a unique opportunity to pay tribute to local shops that serve as nerve centers for the skateboarding community. In Chicoutimi and Alma, in the beautiful Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean region, this day takes on special meaning, highlighting the importance of homies boutiques in the social fabric of the city.



Skateshop Day was created by DLX Distribution, which brings together several well-known skate brands, including Real, Krooked, Spitfire, Thunder et anti hero. The event was first launched in 2013 to celebrate and support independent skateshops across the world. The goal was to raise awareness among skateboarders and skateboard enthusiasts of the importance of local shops in skateboard culture and to promote support for these independent businesses that are often at the heart of skateboarding communities.

Located in the heart of Saguenay, Chicoutimi is a city where the passion for skateboarding is strong. With its steep coasts and its unique spots, the city offers a perfect playground. But beyond the streets and skate parks, there are the Homies boutiques, the Saguenay snowboard and skateboard school and screw brand VERSA who bring the Chicoutimi skateboard scene to life.

Homies boutiques, these small independent businesses run by enthusiasts, are the true pillars of skateboard culture in Chicoutimi. They don't just sell boards and accessories; they are places of meeting, exchange and sharing for the community.

Ultimately, Skateshop Day is more than just a day to buy boards and accessories. It's a celebration of skateboard culture in all its diversity, showcasing independent shops and the community that supports them. So, whether you're a pro or simply curious to discover this culture, Skateshop Day is the perfect opportunity to dive into the world of skateboarding and celebrate together everything it represents.

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