This week, we're talking about the different technologies that help combat a very recurring problem, especially in hot summer weather: hot feet.

Of course, there's no magic bullet for good old sweaty feet, but there are some technologies from shoe companies that can help you be a little more comfortable (and cooler) in your shoes during the summer.


The material used to make your shoe is one of the first points to analyze to be comfortable and ventilated in summer: is it a leather, suede or textile shoe?

You may have already guessed it, but the textile is to be prioritized if you don't want to have your feet that get too hot. Indeed, textile is a naturally more breathable material than suede or leather. On the other hand, if you skate, you know that textiles are not the first choice as far as durability is concerned, but in order not to be hot, nothing prevents you from buying yourself a second pair of shoes at wear when you're not skating and it's hot!


We have something very interesting here! Mesh is a structure of synthetic fibers that increases the level of breathability of a shoe, because it is, in other words, an open mesh that improves the ventilation of the shoe. The favorite places to incorporate mesh into shoes are often on each side of the foot. The foot is therefore well ventilated and everything breathes better!

A good example of the mesh incorporated into the shoe: The New Balance 306, where we can see the mesh sections in gray on each side as well as the full tongue on top!



Here, there is not really a beautiful name to give to it, it is really about holes. You can see it mostly on the top and side of the shoe. These are very small holes that allow air to circulate better through the material. Vans has also introduced this idea to its UltraCush tongue TM adding breathability vents throughout the tongue to provide superior airflow.

For example, here we have the Vans Zahba, the latest model from Vans, which definitely incorporates the good old holes in the suede!


If you're lucky, you might be able to find a model like the Nike SB Ishod Wair, which has included in its design everything you need: holes on the top of the toe to ventilate the interior despite the use of leather and, in addition, large mesh sections on each side of the foot and under the tongue!



Well, all of these ways to increase the breathability of a shoe are pretty cool. However, there is still a type of shoe that is much more efficient in terms of breathability. The kind of thing you could wear all summer, in town or at the beach, with stockings or without (it's up to you to see if you're game or not) and which can solve all your breathability problems at the level of the feet: the good old babouche!


You're lucky, we have different models of that too, so don't be shy about look on our website or come and visit the store and choose the shoe that suits you best!





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